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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling the squeeze

As page counts shrink, more news is crammed into a smaller section, as I'm sure many readers have noticed. One of the casualties, as we aim to maintain all of our local coverage, is the occasional prep story.
Such was the case Tuesday night, as the Catholic League semifinal between Orchard Lake St. Mary's and Warren De La Salle was moved to our prep Web site, MIPrepzone, in favor of a boatload of prep box scores and a nifty refer to the site (which I realized after deadline, in such small capacity, it's difficult to make out the address of the site). To help some readers, here is a link to Justin Berndt's story. (Spoiler Alert) St. Mary's couldn't quite get that fourth consecutive trophy, but held close to the Pilots in a three-point loss.
These types of decisions are becoming more frequent, as we no longer have the capacity to print all the news that's fit to ... well, print. Web sites such as ours have become helpful alternate channels publish all of our content and get it out to readers.
In other news, will the Pistons win again this month? We used to listen to Pistons games all season long in the office, but now, we don't even turn it on until halftime, if at all. Their recent slump contributes to their positioning at the bottom of the front page.
Up top, we have a column by Jim Hawkins about another seasoned veteran, new Tigers shortstop Adam Everett, who may not be remembered as one of the premier infielders from 2003-06. Everett sounds like a definite upgrade from Edgar Renteria.
With a break in the Lions coverage, there won't be many more of those in the near future I bet, we have a story about Tiger Woods making his return after eight months away from the sport while recovering from knee surgery.

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