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Monday, February 08, 2010

So many Super Bowl headline options

"Lombardi Gras" was the headline which graced our cover Monday. It wasn't the only idea, but just the final one that worked really well with the photo. Apparently, we we weren't the only publication who chose the headline, as Yahoo! Sports had the good sense to use the headline, and the same photo. also shared some other headlines.
Here are some others:
  • Dat's Who (Matt Mowery)
  • Aints no more (Paul Kampe)
  • The Brees Knees (Paul Kampe)
  • All Saints Day (Sporting News)
  • First Time's a Charm: Aint They Great (ESPN)
  • Who's Dat? True Dat (
  • Super Saints! New Orleans wins firest Super Bowl (Detroit News)


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