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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who could have planned for three state champs?!

The original plan for Sunday's front page was to have just one girls soccer game on the front. We were thinking we'd be fortunate to have one, maybe two of the local teams competing for girls soccer championships actually pull of a title.
Well, as you might have noticed this morning, all three teams: Novi in Division 1, Birmingham Marian in Division 2 and Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes/Everest Academy in Division 4, won championships in their respective positions. It would have been pretty awkward to bump one team to the inside pages after coming up a with a state title, and that is why you have the front page that went to press.
It would have been nice if Lakeland had pulled off its first title, but I'll settle for the three-peat.
Notes: The first edition didn't have the results of the Tigers game, as their contest ran up against deadline for seemingly the 20th time this season. Also, the players at the U.S. Open seem to take their sweet time, too, as the third round of play wasn't finished even an hour after first deadline.
We tried really hard to get a classic photo of Manute Bol in his playing days worked into the section, but The Associated Press was pretty stingy with its shared content, so instead, you'll see a grip-and-grin of Manute and some event he was a part of following his playing career.
And the talk about Tom Izzo just will not cease, as we pulled a column from our sister paper in Ohio, The Lorain Morning-Journal and sports editor Jeff Kuehn's weekly feedback column was flooded with Izzo sentiments.


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