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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

With Bad Boy legacy, Rodman entering Hall as a Bull confusing

Even though former Bad Boy teammate Isiah Thomas swore Dennis Rodman would be going into the Hall of Fame as a Detroit Piston, it appears The Worm has elected to be predominantly featured as a Chicago Bull in his HoF exhibit.
Some would suggest Rodman was a bigger star with the Bulls. Others have hypothesized his best friends with the Pistons organization had passed away nearly within the same year, leaving Rodman without a present-day connection to the franchise that took a chance on him in the 1986 draft.
Rodman has tabbed former Bulls coach Phil Jackson to introduce him at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, although it's assumed Daly would have been speaking if history had unfolded differently. Rodman, who famously held his 50th birthday party in an NYC strip club, has reportedly promised to be on good behavior Friday.
(It's also worth noting numerous pieces of Rodman's clothing and possessions were up for auction Monday.)
Thomas also mentioned during Rodman's Pistons jersey (No. 10) retirement that Rodman chose to wear No. 91 with Chicago as a testament to Detroit's infamous walk-off during the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals. That event famously came against the hated Bulls.
Rodman, who played in Detroit for seven seasons, was traded to San Antonio in 1993-94 and left after the following season. He then played three (apparently more notable) seasons with Chicago, beginning in 1995-96.
The other two stars of those three-peat Bulls (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen) of 1996-98, as well as their aforementioned coach, have had their numbers retired by the organization. Rodman, has yet to see his number raised to the roof. Perhaps it's because the Bulls haven't been as liberal as the Pistons in terms of laying numbers to rest, but if enshrinement in the Hall of Fame hasn't pushed them to do it, what will? And if the Bulls organization doesn't regard Rodman as highly as the Pistons clearly do, why then is Rodman forever to be remembered as a Bull?


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