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Friday, October 14, 2011

Millen era Lions satirized

Matt Millen left the Detroit Lions nearly three years ago, but his presence is still felt every time anyone mentions "0-16" or "Preseason Champs." The rare time he's mentioned in a positive light is when it's mentioned he drafted wide receiver Calvin Johnson, one of numerous high draft picks used on the position.
Funny or Die, a site known for spoofing videos, released "MillenBall," their take on the Brad Pitt film "MoneyBall," based around Millen's tenure with the Lions.
You'll hear dialogue similar to that of the Billy Beane inspired flick, with the inept concepts heard during the Millen regime.
Subjects revisited: Failing to interview a minority candidate for the head coaching position seemingly instantly given Steve Mariucci; later hiring a defensive coordinator as head coach (Rod Marinelli) and his poor drafting decisions. And there's the infamous 0-16, which occurred mostly after Millen's firing in 2008.

Millenball - watch more funny videos

If that's not enough, Millen's name was the subject of a an Onion Sports story: "Sight Of Matt Millen On TV Simply Too Much For Nation’s Unemployed To Handle."
"When approached for details, ESPN initially refused to comment on its hiring practices or reasons for employing Millen, who was a catastrophic failure at every level of football that did not involve tackling and is perhaps the man most synonymous with football-related ignorance in living memory. Sources at the network also refused to comment on the wisdom of showing the flagrantly employed Millen during broadcasts watched by many of the nation's jobless," The Onion says.
It's safe to say that even though he's being spoofed, Matt Millen is still unwelcome in Michigan. 


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