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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Both teams' announcers blow call at end of Pistons-Wizards game

The fine folks at Awful Announcing, who, if you're interested in this post then I would recommend you follow them, have pointed out that the home and visiting broadcasts BOTH incorrectly called a last-second 3-point attempt as the game-winner for the Wizards Wednesday night.
The Wizards' broadcast team appears to be the loser, shouting "Dagger!" after the ball grazed the net. (Watching at the gym without sound, I also thought the shot was good.)

Meanwhile, on the Pistons' broadcast, George Blaha said the shot was no good, but reasoned that it had been released after the buzzer. After replays disproved his assertion, Blaha points out the broadcast "booth" is actually in the rafters of the arena.
Awful announcing substantiates Blaha's excuse, reporting Washington's Verizon Center is one of just two NBA arena's which relegate TV broadcasters to the upper bowl of the stadium. 


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