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Monday, March 02, 2009

Where's the Wings? Where's the goaltending?

Not that anyone was in any particular rush to find out the score of the Red Wings game Saturday night, we weren't certain the game would even be finished by our deadline, and that's why the game summary was near the bottom of the NHL roundup in early editions.
We wouldn't do something like that for a game of significance, but 8-0, we knew once the rout was on that we would be alright. And that's why you'll find the Wings inside on B9. The game story was reworked to be the lead summary in late editions, but the game wasn't pulled out as a standalone story like usual.
Ironically, Sports Soundoff this week on B5 gave the impression the Wings were alright in net. But that's a funny thing about deadlines, I'm sure that notion would have been squashed after watching Saturday's game.


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