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Friday, March 26, 2010

When worlds collide

What a perfect “storm” of content today’s front page was. The Southfield and Country Day stories could only be better if they were playing each other today. A solid column by James Briggs, a.ka. ‘The New Web Guy,’ coupled with preview stories for both Southfield and Country Day and Kosmo on the inside — what a day.
And, as of 1:17 p.m. Friday when I’m writing this, we only have two “Country Day is the best because it’s a private school/they recruit” type responses to our story, so it’s been a good day on the comment moderation front. Good luck to both teams, as Southfield has already begun it’s semifinal and the Yellowjackets tip at 6 p.m. You can probably watch the games here if you’re fortunate enough to install plug-ins without having to go through your IT department.
What I wouldn’t be watching if I was in the office later would be the Red Wings game against the Wild, because it’s on FSN Plus. (If you have Comcast, it's probably channel 901 BTW). The TV in our department is not equipped with a cable box, so the folks on the copy desk aren't able to watch the game. It sounds like I'm getting annoyed by something petty, but it makes our job a lot easier to follow the play and have a good understanding of the circumstances when we write headlines and cutlines (captions) and during photo selection.
If Country Day makes the finals tomorrow night, that game will also be on FSN Plus at 8 p.m., replayed on FSN Detroit at 11 p.m. FSN Detroit will carry the three other state finals live throughout the day, however. The channel will instead be airing ... the Red Wings game.
Friday night's decision is quite surprising given the way the Wings have been playing of late, and especially because of the way the Pistons, who have been given the regular FSN broadcast, have not played well of late (the whole season). When I first caught wind of the channel conundrum, I figured it would work itself out and they would make the appropriate switch.
Also, if you’re completing your Pat Caputo scrapbook, his mugshot appeared a record-breaking three times on the front page today. Interesting note, I think the picture in the ad at the bottom of the page is actually reversed, because it’s the same picture used in the editorial content.


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