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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hope you enjoyed the World Cup coverage

Well, the World Cup isn't officially over, but in the minds of many Americans, it might as well be. This is likely to be the last day you see as much as a half of a page of coverage in The Oakland Press, and likely others. Without the U.S. being involved, it's a hard sell, especially for ESPN, which has been ramming this event down our throats for the past six months. I'll be interested in seeing what the domestic viewership numbers end up being now that Team USA is headed home.
On another note, front-page headline "Johnny on the spot," was written about Johnny Damon well before he watched strike three's phantom path over the outside corner of the plate. We in the office all thought he would come through, and technically, he would have, since he should have earned himself a walk, which would have forced in the tying run.


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