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Sunday, January 16, 2011

RichRod donation the best thing he did in Michigan

One of the better stories to emerge from the RichRod-Michigan coaching saga came when Rodriguez donated more than 400 U-M items to a Salvation Army location in Wayne, Mich. The hand-me-down specialist used the discarded garb to raise nearly $13,000 at auction.
Maj. John Aren said some people drove 90 minutes to pack a tent of nearly 300 strong for the auction and one person remarked, "People are buying it like it was Bo Schembechler.”
Rodriguez was unavailable for comment. Wonder if he's surprised his used threads collected that much money or if he would use it to prove people want him here. Surprising he would drop off all this stuff a month after crying to Josh Groban in an effort to prove he's a "Michigan man." I'm curious if he kept anything to remember his tumultuous three years besides a poor career record.
This was one of the best stories Rich Rodriguez has been involved with since his arrival. It's odd that it took his looming departure to make it all possible.


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