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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wearing a Red Wings jersey to court won't get you out of a fine for throwing octopi

A Farmington man is fighting the disorderly conduct charge levied against him for throwing an octopus onto the ice at Joe Louis Arena during a March contest vs. Pittsburgh, reports WDIV-4.
Charlie Graves said will be back in court in July, long after the Stanley Cup final, but says he will throw another octopus if he can get playoff tickets.
"The city of Detroit takes pride in their tradition, and if the (NHL commissioner Gary Bettman) thinks we are going to go down without a fight, he is wrong," Graves said.
A now-notorious fan exposed the masses to the renewed vigor the overzealous NHL has for busting octopi tossers, after telling Deadspin he was fined $500 for his heave during Game 1 of the Red Wings' series against Phoenix.


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