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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Octopi throwing is fun, but how creative is it really?

Things are looking bad for the Red Wings right about now. Down 0-2 about to play Game 3 in their Western semifinal. Any hint of Wings rally will likely be met with an octopus toss, which could spell doom for the Sharks.
We all know throwing octopi on the ice is a fun way to show team spirit, but how creative is it, really? It's a tradition spanning more than 50 years that simply takes super bravado and a subdued gag reflex, as the mollusk swishes around your person until its departure.
The Sharks have only been around since 1991, so their traditions, unless playing the Wings, has been flaming out of the playoffs in an infamous blaze. So you have to give props to anyone thinking outside the box.
This Sharks fan is getting some airtime for his originality, after dressing up as Red Wings fan BEING EATEN by a shark.


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