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Friday, July 01, 2011

NBA's website is locked out, too

Have you been to the NBA's website since 12:01 a.m., the first minute of the league's latest lockout? The site has a complete FAQ about its labor status and more info than you would ever need about the current happenings in the WNBA. That's pretty much it. No links. No pictures of players. No highlights. No team logos.
The league's website is also subject to the lockout, frozen in time and full of no particular useful information. The league's "web guys" have been hard at work for weeks carefully removing images and redirecting pages so as not to violate the rules.
“We're going back to the stone ages of the Internet," one team website administrator told ESPN blog True Hoop. "It's all going to be very dumbed down.”
In the meantime, staffers are going through thousands upon thousands of subpages, looking for any representations or mentions of NBA players.
Likewise, on the Pistons' homepage, you'll only see images of retired players (Dennis Rodman, John Salley) and non-players.
Never fear basketball junkies, it appears the NBA pages on ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and Sports Illustrated seem to be fully functional.


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