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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tiger Stadium's rebirth stunted by growth council

Chevrolet seemed to have a grand idea to help resuscitate Tiger Stadium, taking a cue from the fans' whose tireless grassroots effort has been used to remove and cut, grass and roots, growing on the lot which has been reduced to basepaths and the center field flag pole. The automotive giant laid out its plans to maintain the field which would then be used for youth baseball games. Seems reasonable enough, since the stadium hasn't seen much in the way of attention, except for the fans' efforts and the bulldozers a few years ago, since shuttering after the 1999 season.
MLive reports the city, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation in particular, was less than enthused about the proposition.
"The site you refer to is a valuable piece of property for redevelopment because of its size and location, ... It is being reserved for a comprehensive development that will bring a substantial investment and new economic activity to the city."
Hmmm. More than 10 years later and the site sits vacant and would be completely overgrown, save for the flag pole of course, if not for the assistance of unpaid weekend volunteers? It seems more than acceptable that the site be used for youth sports and not stashed for potential "economic activity to the city."
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