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Thursday, October 20, 2011

ESPN might rethink 'Plan B' issue the morning after

This week's issue was supposed to be the NBA preview for ESPN the Magazine. With that premise made obsolete by millionaire greed, ESPN scrambled, like a quarterback even, and picked Tim Tebow as the coverboy for its "Plan B" issue. The latest installment hits newsstands Friday and is already in subscribers' homes.
The issue is said to feature "a sermon on back-up-turned-savior Tim Tebow in 'Tebow 10:23.' "
We all know Tebow to be a God-fearing man, so much so he appeared in an anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial in 2010 with his mother, touted as her "miracle baby."

"Plan B" is typically referred to as a backup plan. Hence it is the nickname given to the so-called "morning after" abortion pill, a fact ESPN obviously overlooked in its effort to further canonize Tebow, who has played in 12 games and was recently declared Broncos starter.
So, given his history and past endorsements, is Tim Tebow the right guy for the cover? Think they're going to need a backup plan for the backup plan.


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