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Monday, May 14, 2012

Brandon Inge plays Moneyball against Tigers

Former Tiger Brandon Inge comes with a lot of baggage after more the a decade of a checkered past in MoTown. After an unceremonious exit and subsequent resurrection, his performance against the Tigers this past weekend was still unexpected — and costly.
Detroit is on the hook for $5.3 million of his salary after cutting him April 26. That means the Tigers paid $148,251 for the four-game set, of which Inge didn't even play the final game.
Apparently Inge has been busy focusing on his renaissance, not making time for any shopping since leaving the Tigers.
A photo provided by Sunday shows his luggage getting set for Oakland's trip to Los Angeles. Inge's gear stands out quite a bit from that of his teammates' — because it's emblazoned with an old English "D."
After 12 seasons in Detroit, Inge is probably very familiar with his suitcase, which likely sticks out like a sore thumb at the airport, so that's a plus if he happens to fly commercial.
It seems after Inge was busy earning his salary from the Tigers by killing them on the field, he was preparing for the intra-state trip using what was likely just another gift from the Tigers organization.


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