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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pistons discount jacket for season ticket-holders a step in the right promotional direction

The Pistons are offering a more logical promotion
The Pistons seem to have heard my pleas in a previous post where I suggested using practical promotions to lure fans back to The Palace. Sort of.
We’ve been subjected to countless also-ran halftime acts, each at least five years past his, her or their prime this season.
It seems the brass have decided to entice season ticket holders current and future with the allure of a Pistons warmup jacket. The apparel is nice on its own, but the jacket apparently has a chip embedded somewhere (hopefully near the wrist) that, when scanned, offers Pistons Black and Pistons Red members discounts on concessions and merchandise. 
(It has also been reported there will be no increase in ticket prices, but the writing was sort of already on the wall for that one.)
The Pistons said on their website about the jackets:
“As a Pistons season ticket-holder, you'll be granted exclusive privileges and treated to unparalleled service as members of Pistons Black or Pistons Red. Wear your eye-catching Pistons On-Court Jacket, issued only to Black and Red members, to get 20 percent off Palace concessions and 30 percent off merchandise through the jacket's embedded microchip.”
The swag has drawn the eyes of various bloggers who raise the question: “What’s to stop fans from loaning the jacket to another person.”
Quick answer: Probably nothing.
Better question: If the Pistons start winning early next season, will the chips be deactivated once the team reaches a predetermined win total?
The video accompanying last week’s announcement doesn’t answer many questions, either.
Nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction. Now if they could just knock down that parking fee …


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