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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why do athletes resort to insulting 'poor' fans

Following the latest Lions playoff loss, Aaron Berry, who spent much of the game getting lit up by Drew Brees and the Saints, he insulted Lions fans' income and disposition (the phrase "broke and miserable" was used) via Twitter. That makes me wonder, why, when athletes are looking for a social media retort, they instantly think to insult the income of "regular" people. Is that how they see the world, in dollar signs? How quickly they forget that fans help pay their salaries with those same hard-earned dollars and unconditional loyalty. How much money would those same poor fans have left in their bank accounts if they never chose to be your fan.
Wouldn't it be easier to think of a logical response before firing away? And if you can't handle the heat on social media, I'd suggest getting out of the business. Dealing with fans' criticisms is part of the job you signed up for. 


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