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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Red Wings' captain will get a pass after foreign car advertisement because he's Nick Lidstrom, among other reasons

If you watched the Winter Classic Monday, chances are you didn't thanks to MSU's triple-overtime win in the Outback Bowl. But, if you were watching, wondering what venue might make a great locale for Detroit's supposed introduction to the now five-year-old novelty game, you may have seen the ad above featuring Red Wings captain Nick Lidstrom. Potentially more disturbing than Lidstrom appearing with "rival" Ducks player Corey Perry is the fact the ad is for Honda.
First, Lions DT Ndamukong Suh spurns the team's namesake for Chrysler. Then, wideout Calvin Johnson goes to Acura. Now, Lidstrom, wearer of the Winged Wheel, in a Honda ad? And don't the Wings have some alliance with Dodge now?
Well, not so fast. It seems the ad is for the NHL, not just Lidstrom and Perry.
An individual sponsorship is one thing, but this appears to be a deal the league has with Honda.
If that weren't enough, it's possible fans would just let it roll off their backs because of Lidstrom's years two decades of servitude or the fact he's so beloved or the fact he's not even American.
All that aside, nice move by Honda incorporating the octopus. It's nice to see there is still someone who appreciates the throwing of the hallowed sea creature.


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