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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Detroit Lions hit a 'Speed Bump'

Wonder which team these guys play for? I have to think they're on the fictional Detroit Lions. I can't place the No. 88, it could be a red haring. But No. 20? Barry Sanders. Look at No. 911. Bald-headed big guy is clearly Kyle Vanden Bosch, who actually wears No. 93. And the 9-1-1 allusion — Lions No. 90 Ndamukong Suh was involved in a well publicized car accident over the weekend. And which guy is always hurt? Of course — it's quarterback Matthew Stafford (who, surprisingly, has only suffered a broken finger on his throwing hand)!
This could all be nothing. This could be a comic about a college football team or another NFL team wearing blue, but the clues line up. Kudos to the artist.


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