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Monday, October 31, 2011

DirecTV-Fox do si do ends in agreement

Just as it appeared talks between Fox and DirecTV had broken down, word comes late Monday a deal has been reached, avoiding a coverage lapse for customers of the satellite provider.
"We both know the past ten days have been challenging, but we’re pleased that both sides could eventually come together to ensure our viewers continue to enjoy Fox programming," Fox said in a statement. 
An interruption would have begun Tuesday, affecting all Fox networks, including its regional sports networks and local affiliates. 
DirecTV, according to the LA Times, was asking for a 40-percent increase in carriage fees, a figure Fox called "ridiculous." 
If you tuned into World Series on Fox, you couldn't escape the network's advertisements alerting customers of the impending stalemate with the provider
Dish Network customers suffered through a month-long blackout of Fox networks last year before an agreement was reached.


Blogger John Leach said...

DirecTV here. Some cable guy (not Larry) came to the house earlier today (11/3) to warn me (and become a convert, of course) about the impending Armageddon with Fox. Funny. Sicced my killer yorkies on him.

November 4, 2011 at 1:30 AM 

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