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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dramatic World Series doesn't translate to ratings

Despite the Game 6 theatrics, the recently completed Series was the third-lowest rated ever, according to TV Sports Ratings. Men 65 and up dominated the ratings. There are a few reasons Fox's coverage earned low marks with the younger male demographic.
  • Late start times — Each first pitch was scheduled for 8 p.m., meaning many viewers likely didn't bother to watch because they had to get up for work. 
  • Unsexy matchup — The series was devoid of a major market, although Dallas-Fort Worth is No. 5 in the nation, according to Neilsen, St. Louis is 21st. Last season saw a 5-6 matchup when the Rangers lost to the Giants. Having already seen their team lose the Series just 12 months ago, were fans disinterested this season?
  • Baseball is for old people — The numbers seem quite evident of the game's waning popularity among younger Americans. TV Sports Rating said via Twitter the median age of viewers was 53, tying for the oldest audience ever.
  • More options — Americans have a bevy of television options at their immediate disposal, not to mention movies and video games.
  • Shameless cross promotion — It's prevalent in sports broadcasts these days, but Fox was especially tacky, choosing stars of its programs to sing the national anthem, while Dallas hero Dirk Nowitzki was denied a chance at the mic. 
  • Joe Buck — Some people claim to hate the man's voice (not me). His showing up to work could have turned off viewers. 
Why do you think people failed to watch what people are calling the most exciting World Series of all time?


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