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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Factual errors, grammar mistakes prove stores should stick to their niche

Last week, CNBC sports business guru Darren Rovell tweeted the first images of a Victoria's Secret t-shirt prototype for a Michigan State t-shirt. If you haven't noticed, leagues are signing over their rights to designers, likely making serious loot in the process. Victoria's Secret, already with a line of NFL items, is making its foray into the college market.
The problem with the planned t-shirt from the company known for its ladies underthings was that it said "Hail to the victors," which, of course, is the slogan of the Spartans' chief rivals at the University of Michigan.
A mistake for sure, but what did you expect on merchandise produced by the world's top lingerie maker? Maybe that shirt will be worth money one day. Probably not, though. 
You may remember a controversy over the summer, where a line of Old Navy college tees, including a U-M shirt, read "Lets Go!" above the teams' logo. This is a common mistake, but "let's" is actually a contraction meaning "let us."
That brings us to this week. Old Navy goofed again, this time, it's listing the incorrect founding years of different college institutions. Last straw for some, just another point for me to make.
If you're buying your college and pro gear at these types of clothing stores rather than a place with "sports" or "locker room" in its name, you've already screwed up and you get what you deserve.
Victoria's Secret needs to stick to what it does (very) well — bras and underwear. Old Navy should continue to supply us with low-cost (and sometimes low-quality), factually-correct clothes. We should all pretend these shirts don't exist and their licenses should be revoked by the NCAA. 
(Photo courtesy of Darren Rovell/CNBC)


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maybe you should have a talk with Rick Perry. lol

December 1, 2011 at 1:04 AM 

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