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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Justin Verlander throws heat in video game form, too

Detroit Tigers ace and reigning AL MVP Justin Verlander has the distinction of appearing on the cover of the new "MLB 2K12," which comes out March 6. Watch him strike out a rookie in the game's trailer below:

My question is: Will Prince Fielder be in the Tigers' pretend opening day lineup? And will the game's engineers put him at first base or DH? It's certain Tigers fans will have fun with the lineup possibilities. And isn't it possible Victor Martinez will play in video game form? I'd like to know how long before the first Tigers record projections based on the game begin to make the rounds. ...
Former Tigers flamethrower Joel Zumaya, now with the Minnesota Twins, was skewered by The Onion last week:
"Injury-plagued fireball reliever Joel Zumaya informed reporters Monday that his new $800,000 contract with the Twins obligates him to throw one last beautifully self-destructive pitch that will finally annihilate his arm forever."
The "story" goes on to say Zumaya's one-pitch deal is rich with incentives for velocity, accuracy and "the horrifying sound his elbow makes when it implodes from the torque."


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