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Sunday, September 23, 2012

British humor finally translates to Americans in 'Dr. Who' leak

It's unclear whether the producers of the BBC drama "Dr. Who" are trying their hand at prognosticating or if they think it's funny to predict the Detroit Lions to win the Super Bowl.
The series was recently seen filming on location in New York City's Central Park when one of its characters was spotted reading the "New York Record" with the main headline: "Detroit Lions win Superbowl."
The science-fiction program delves in time travel, so the paper could be referring to a season far in the future. 
Notice the way the NFL's championship game is spelled in the one-word version commonly used by those unaware or unconcerned with accurate spelling — and commercial businesses.
The league, which currently isn't even paying for its usual referees, doesn't take kindly to other entities, real or otherwise, using its signature game for their own gain.
The hallowed game is spelled "Super Bowl," and that's presumably why supermarkets and other businesses use the one-word iteration in a half-hearted attempt to avoid litigation. 
Also, there are several newspapers in New York City, but no sign of a New York Record current or past. Maybe the Brits are ensuring the paper completely circumvents any trace of similarity?
Any guesses what year this scene could be set in? (Definitely not this season.)


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