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Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Wings become L.A. Kings' latest victim in Twitter battle

The Los Angeles Kings' official Twitter feed (@LAKings) has quickly gained a reputation as one of social media's most fierce, even before the team won its first Stanley Cup in June.
The Red Wings' official Twitter account apparently didn't take kindly to being @mentioned in a Kings tweet last week that read: 'Ding, dong, the @DetroitRedWings are dead' in this weeks 4 on 4."
Below is an account of the incident on Twitter captured by Fox Sports Detroit via Storify. 

The "official" Red Wings response appears to be have since been deleted.
The upstart Kings have several fewer Stanley Cups than the Red Wings, as noted in the Twitter battle, and their also behind the Original Six franchise in followers: 198,961 (as of Monday afternoon) - 169,761 — but the Kings' account has been hailed as a breath of fresh air for its combative nature. And the Red Wings aren't the first victim.
While it seems odd that two teams' Twitter operators' would engage in such a childish argument, it is humorous to see.
What followed the taunt was a link to a weekly segment discussing the upcoming season, if there is one. The story in questions lists the Red Wings as one several teams who might be on the outside of next spring's playoff race. One contributor even uttered the "Ding, dong," statement, which concluded: "Too many holes, not enough aging Europeans to fill them."
Florida, Nashville and Pittsburgh were also mentioned as possible outsiders. What's unclear is why those teams weren't @mentioned by the Kings.
Red Wings fans shot back:
  • @BHesselink: @LAKings yet, people said the same thing when yzerman retired, yet the wings have proven that they will make the playoffs every year. 
  • @Mountainhawk98: Do the @LAKings get to hang a banner for good, or do they have to take it down for Lakers games? 
  • @RedWingsDoc: @LAKings I'd try to win ten more cups and make the playoffs 21 years in a row before making comments like that. Even the losers get lucky. 
As the oversight of corporate social media becomes more tightly controlled and careers are destroyed for saying anything objectionable, the L.A. Kings are continuing on the attack. One thing is for certain — this is the most exciting thing the Red Wings have done this offseason. 


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