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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dennis Rodman discusses post-NBA career for ESPN's 'Outside The Lines'

After emerging from the shadows of retirement for a return to The Palace to watch his first of the handful of pro jerseys he called tattoo blockers lifted to the rafters and his subsequent Hall of Fame enshrinement last August, Dennis Rodman has resided in relative obscurity, save for appearing last week in China to christen a statue dedicated to Stephon Marbury.
The biggest news, however, that Rodman has made since telling the world famed director Penny Marshall was directing a documentary about his life and he's just hoping to live long enough to see it, came recently after his lawyer claimed the former Bad Boy was penniless and ill.
Rodman was never quoted in the March child support proceedings. It's unclear if he plans to address those comments Sunday when he's the subject of a feature on ESPN's "Outside The Lines."
According to a press release from the four-letter network,other guests include one-time Lakers coach Kurt Rambis, who coached Rodman on the last legs of his NBA career in 1999; as well as a more relevant interview -- Tim Keown, who co-wrote Rodman's best-selling autobiography  “Bad As I Wanna Be" in 1997. (Rodman also starred in the made-for-TV adaptation a year later.)
"Sunday, the flamboyant Hall of Famer speaks candidly about life after basketball, and about allegations that he’s an alcoholic," the statement reads.
The episode airs at 9 a.m. on ESPN and replays at 10 a.m. on ESPN2. And if the preview is any indication, Rodman will continue bare his soul while being brutally honest about his lifestyle.
Click here to watch a preview of Dennis Rodman's interview on ESPN's "Outside The Lines."


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