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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deal to sell booze at Michigan Stadium not expected to put school under the influence

If you're not already tired of beer by New Year's Day and you happen to be one of the more than 100,000 expected in attendance of Winter Classic featuring the Red Wings and Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium, you may be able to get more beer during the game.
As expected, the University of Michigan has applied for a liquor license for the Winter Classic, which will be voted on Wednesday, CBS Detroit reports.
The site says the school has a temporary permit, but it doesn't cover such a large crowd.
The sale of so-called spirits inside the stadium is not likely to affect the tale-gating crowd, which is ubiquitous around Ann Arbor during college football season.
As you may know, alcohol sales aren't permitted at all college campuses in the United States.
A 2009 report by the Wall Street Journal examined alcohol sales on college campuses.
"Overall, about three dozen of the roughly 120 largest NCAA Division 1 schools allow beer sales inside their stadiums, though many limit sales to luxury suites, lounges or club-seating areas. In other cases, beer is available stadium-wide because a facility is owned by the city, the state or a local sports authority, and that body, not the school, establishes the alcohol policy. Most colleges, already struggling with underage drinking on campus, frown on beer sales in their stadiums."
It could take some effort to outfit concession stands with kegs and taps, but surely there would have to be a large assortment of Canadian brews to make Leafs fans feel at home. They are, after all, donating a large amount of money to the economy of Southeast Michigan for this shindig. 
It's doubtful U-M has a hard time making money off its prestigious football team, but it will be interesting to see if the university considers allowing alcohol sales in future football seasons.
A U-M spokesperson emphasized to the desire for a liquor license is just for the hockey game.
"This doesn't change anything," Rick Fitzgerald said. "I don't want it to be construed that somehow Michigan is going to start serving beer at Michigan Stadium. This is just for the NHL game."
It doesn't seem as if alcohol will be allowed inside the Big House for football anytime soon. 


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