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Friday, March 06, 2009

The life of a story

It was plastered on the front page of The Oakland Press and the Detroit Free Press for two days. The disappearance of a former Detroit Lion and three of his friends lost at sea was certainly a tragedy, but days later, the story is nowhere to be found.
There have been stories, I feel, in the last few years that dominated news coverage while lacking newsworthiness. Or at least lacking more than a week's worth i.e. the death of Anna Nicole Smith. That story just kept unfolding, and unfortunately, a story about the pending rescue of fishermen in distress fades quickly. The Lions said they aren't going to issue the No. 93 in Corey Smith's remembrance, and if they didn't, how would we remember him?

(Click to enlarge Friday's world page and try to find the update on the missing fishermen.)


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