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Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron's move a great day for design

The front of today's Cleveland Plain Dealer is one of the best fronts I've ever seen and it's earning praise around the country. Here are a few examples of how the situation was handled around the nation, and for even more LeBron front pages, read Charles' Apples' design blog.
Also included is the Morning Journal, a JRC sister paper of ours in Suburban Cleveland.
Notice the effective use of white space as well as the little note poking out of LeBron's right ring finger. It reads "7 years, $62 million, no rings." That was changed slightly for a later edition of the paper to say "7 years in Cleveland. No rings."
Poynter published a thorough interview with the Plain Dealer's designers, who said they also had an alternate version planned in case 'Bron went against the rumors and actually stayed in Cleveland. They were each asked if/when they would leave Cleveland, too.


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