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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Don't ruin this movie for us, Joe

In an era when legends and memories are desecrated with steroid admissions and careers are destroyed with other revelations about our heroes' personal lives, one legend has withstood the test of time: The story of Daniel E. 'Rudy' Ruettiger. Rudy, a little guy with a big heart and an even bigger dream, will be passed down from generation to generation, provided real-life Ruettiger teammate Joe Montana doesn't dedicate any more time to further disproving the tale.
1993's "Rudy," was the inspiring tale of an undersized, undertalented football player with a heart the size of Texas. Most people have seen this movie, where Rudy the runt struggles through community college before transferring to the hallowed institution of Notre Dame. He wins over all his teammates, who tell their coach they refuse to play if Rudy doesn't. Their threat works, Rudy plays about one series and gets carried off the field. Now real-life teammate Joe Montana is trying to ruin it for us.
(Real-life coach Dan Devine has previously downplayed that scene, saying players who had the nerve to lay down their jerseys would have been booted from the team)
Montana, a football Hall of Famer seen in some of the NFL's most classic highlights, told Dan Patrick he loathes the film and says Rudy's ceremonious exit was a hoax.
Another teammate has come out to back the legend of "Rudy," much to my (and surely many others') delight.
We know movies are embellished, but that's what makes them magical. I can't believe one of the game's most famous players is saying this stuff. Desecrating someone else's legend. Nice work.
Sure Hollywood takes its liberties, but this was a great story and an inspirational flick. Was Montana upset he didn't get mentioned in this film? Jeez, let it go, Joe. Let the little guy have his legend, you got yours.
If you really want to tear down this movie, pick it apart on IMDB reading about all the miscues, outtakes and omissions, like every other film.


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