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Monday, August 16, 2010

FSN admits wrongdoing for ignoring Tigers dustup

I was in Chicago for the weekend, but didn't happen to make it over to US Cellular Field to catch the Tigers two-game coup over the White Sox, but I was quite surprised when I learned they had taken two of three from anyone.
Catching up on Twitter in the hotel lobby, scrambling to keep up with the sports world while having a personal life, I read brief reports about a shoving match in the Tigers dugout. I didn't learn until this morning that FSN Detroit had neglected to air the footage.
The network was at commercial between innings early in the game. That's understandable. I can forgive that - if the announcing crew had simply acknowledged some kind of altercation within the team.
Maybe FSN Detroit didn't have any footage. Again, if they had simply admitted something happened without withholding the news from their audience.
Alas, I'm assuming the crew was handcuffed by the brass and dragged into their altogether dismissal of the event. The network has since admitted its mistake to a local paper. I have to think if Chicago's Comcast station carrying the game had also neglected the situation, no one would be the wiser. And that's probably what FSN Detroit was counting on.
I stopped watching the games weeks ago, but I assumed the people covering the game were still paying attention.

(Thanks to WCSX's Jamie Samuelsen for getting ahold of the footage on his blog)


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