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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funny U-M video praises RichRod, Wolverines' offense

It's a little raunchy to run in full, but the latest in text-to-speak technology brings us a hilarious video where two coworkers, one a Michigan "slappy," to put it mildly, the other a level-headed observer, talk about the Wolverines' triple-overtime victory over Illinois last weekend.
The enthusiastic fan calls Rich Rodriguez an offensive genius and insists all the Wolverines have to do to win games is score a ton of points like they did last weekend. Any rational thoughts brought her way are met with "hater."
This videos encompasses all the Michigan arguments out there, including the thought that Lloyd Carr left the cupboard bare talent-wise for Rodriguez and his staff. Enjoy here.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cleveland answers back, plus bonus spoof

If you haven't seen this yet, here it is:

Also, the latest episode of "South Park" took on LeBron's Nike ad.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sparky Anderson tributes

Patrons of Kennedy's Irish Pub in Waterford talked about their favorite Sparky Anderson memories Wednesday, less than a day before it was learned the Hall of Fame manager had passed away.
Both Pat Caputo, Oakland Press columnist and former Tigers beat writer, and our most recent Tigers beat writer Jim Hawkins wrote about their Sparky memories today.
There have also been several tributes going around, including a Sports Illustrated gallery of rare photos.
Included in the Fox Sports Detroit tribute page is video of Sparky talking to Kirk Gibson prior to Gibson's 1984 World Series clinching homer.
Caputo also spoke about the legendary skipper on WWJ-AM (950) Thursday afternoon.

Update: Apparently Sparky guested on "WKRP in Cincinnati," which was before my time, but I recognize the DJ as the teacher from "Head of the Class," which was very much in my time.

Suddenly in demand, Lions sell out early

Lions president Tom Lewand said Wednesday he couldn't remember a time when the Lions sold out a non-Thanksgiving Day game prior to the league's deadline when they announced the team's game against the New York Jets would be broadcast, unlike last week's triumph over Washington.
In fact, half of last season's Lions home games were not shown on local TV, and for the first two games this season, extensions were needed to fill the seats.
The 37-25 win over the Redskins was my first foray into Internet streaming of blacked-out NFL games, and I have to say it went well. The process involves tethering a laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable and streaming a pirated broadcast of the game, because, after all, the rest of the nation gets to watch your home team on the national broadcast, just not the local fans.
SBNation summed it up best, saying the NFL blackout rules were designed for a much simpler time, back in 1973.
"And on top of that, modern fans don't think in terms of selling out a game or not. I've never met one person who has said, "Oh, the Lions are going to be blacked out this Sunday if they don't reach a sellout. I'd better buy tickets to help out!" Nobody thinks like that now, and I doubt anybody thought like that back then."
As simple as it was, like blacked-out cable customers in Michigan and NYC, I much prefer watching TV on ... well, my TV, duh. So, while the fandemonium this week was a bit contrived for a 2-5 team, I'd like to at least be able to get the rest of the Lions' games on TV.

World Series fronts/headlines

Meant to post this the other day, here are some suggested World Series headlines solicited by
Juan for the Ages
Preen Giants
Bay Day
A Giant Cliff-banger
Cubs' streak extends
Yankees Allow Giants To Win World Series

Here's a link to some actual front pages.