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Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl ads bore, but ratings hit high another note

As ratings for everything have been on the rise this year, including NFL ratings this season, it came as no surprise Super Bowl XLV set another ratings record: It was another close game in what we should consider the "steroid era" of TV viewing.

(For another option to view all the day's advertisements in a different format.)
The overall feeling seems to be that the ads were underwhelming, but I did like the one spot where the NFL mashed up old sitcom clips and reimaged them wearing NFL gear, but I think "ALF" had finished its (his?) run prior to the formation of the Carolina Panthers franchise, but I digress.
Metro Detroit is abuzz over Eminem's Chrysler ad (not the iced tea spot so much, but I did enjoy it.) They managed to keep that under wraps for a long time, even with the auto show in town it didn't manage to leak, which is a big surprise, especially in an era of online unveiling intentional and otherwise.

As you may know, I love Twitter and harnessing its power, which is what did to host the second "Brand Bowl," comparing consumer reaction to Super Bowl ads through Twitter chatter.
A list shows the most popular Super Bowl ads of all-time based on replays and shares. Tech site Mashable even hosted a live blog during the game — about the ads. They didn't seem to care too much for the Eminem Chrysler add by the way, zip to the 9 o'clock hour for the proof.

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