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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Super Bowl XLV commercials primer

Sure, the games have been great recently, but the ads are a big draw to the Super Bowl. They've even attracted attention prior to Super Sunday with spoilers.
Talking about Super Bowl ads inevitably results in people bringing up some of their all-time favorites.
I have a pretty short-term memory for these ads and they all seem to run together. There are however, a couple from the recent past I remember the most, and they don't involve girls fighting over beer, Clydesdales playing football or beer bottles playing football: Fictitious character David Abernathy, certified genius and overachiever struggles to find a car.

One of my other favorites is actually a public service announcement that ran a couple years ago. The Onion's "SportsDome has even weighed in on the subject, mockingly suggesting the big game would be pushed back because a Doritos ad wasn't ready.

One ad you won't see was produced by PETA, featuring girl-on-girl-on-vegetable action.

Get read for the big day by watching last year's commercials.

Of course I'll be watching the game AND the advertisements, I have a feeling I will forget them by Monday.

UPDATE: I do remember some of these famous Super Bowl commercials.

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