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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Galarraga, Joyce banned from seeing each other on their special anniversary

This was news to me when I read it, but "Motown Lowdown" on SB Nation is reporting via ESPN that MLB has banned umpire Jim Joyce, he of the infamous blown perfect game, from working on the umpire crew of any game pitched by former Tiger Armando Galarraga, said pitcher of blown perfecto. Why, after Joyce continued to work Tigers games following one of the worst calls in the history of baseball? Because apparently, the two are the co-authors of a new book set to release on the one-year anniversary (has it been a year already!?) of the dirty deed.

An MLB spokesperson said the move was made so as "to give the appearance of any impropriety." Really? Joyce already jobbed the guy out of a perfect game, I don't think he really plays favorites.
Rather than posting a clip of the blown call, I'll find one of Galarraga raging on reporters following a recent outing (with a special appearance from Detroit hero Kirk Gibson). The "Lowdown" report goes on to mention Galarraga is currently in Triple-A, so reuniting with Joyce might not be such a scheduling nightmare it sounds like.
If you really feel you need to read this book, click here.


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