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Friday, March 06, 2009

Homecoming fit for a Big Shot

A little late on my part, but I want to know what readers have been thinking about our coverage of a late. We have gone through an inter-departmental transition which takes us away from many events we would have previously covered, but we have been putting our feed to The Associated Press to good use.
Case in point, we were unable to have a preview story for Chauncey Billups' return to The Palace, but we ran one from the AP. However, we were able to run an Oakland Press-generated story about the game as well as a column by Pat Caputo. We're trying to keep readers satisfied with what means we have available.
Did Chauncey get too much attention? Too little? To that extent, should the Pistons retire Chauncey Billups' No. 1? Do fans appreciate Billups more now that he's gone? If the team was doing better, would they even remember Mr. Big Shot?
Feel free to let us know how you feel by commenting.

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