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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Late night viewing habits

I'm assuming I was one of the few to see Marian Hossa's game-tying goal disallowed because the referee lost sight of the puck, subsequently blowing the whistle as the puck slid into the net, live on FSN.
After seeing the TSN call on YouTube last night, the announcing was much different: The national announcer saying the whistle was blown before the puck went in; and the FSN team declaring the whistle went after the puck went in. As can be expected.
If you've only heard of the play, view it here.
I don't think the national media is making a big deal out of it, and really, what can you do? I bet a lot more people will be watching the game through till the end tonight.
Check our Web site for the result as well as a blog from Pat Caputo, as the game, once again, is likely to finish well after our print deadline.

(Marian Hossa's potential game-tying goal shot past Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller (left) and defenseman Chris Pronger was overruled, as the play was whistled dead before the purported goal during the third period of Game 3 Tuesday in Anaheim. The Associated Press)


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