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Thursday, April 09, 2009

No E-editions without E-lectricity

One overlooked aspect of the Detroit Free Press and News' switch to online editions in the first part of the week, is not one I have heard thrown out there. The other reasons, such as "I like to read the newspaper in the morning with my coffee/breakfast," or "I just like reading it in print better than sitting in front of the computer" are both very good reasons to me.
I had overlooked one of the most crucial parts of the argument: You can't read a paper if your power goes out because you can't get on your computer! I'm tech savvy enough to handle one, but I don't yet have a laptop, and it's worked out fine for me this far. So, while in my brisk, dark home Monday, I not only couldn't get caught up on things on TV and radio before heading to work, I couldn't read the paper online. It threw my day off a bit, and I was left feeling uniformed. All this on the eve of MSU's big national championship game.
Rest assured, power was restored by the time I returned to my cave that night. I had plenty of time to catch up on the day's highlights and even get a head start on Tuesday's news cycle, just in case I found myself being forced out of the loop by unforeseen obstacles again.


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