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Monday, March 16, 2009

Mad about March Madness

Last night was likely as frantic as an election night for news people. I can't remember a night where copy came in as franticly as last night, save for the Super Bowl. With our limited newshole, we still have six pages for Selection Sunday as we would for a typical Sunday, we were trying to get in as much content as possible, while taking time to make a nice presentation. I am quite certain we achieved our goals.
The Detroit News went with an additional section to compliment the regular sports front, a great idea if you can get the pages. The Free Press went to 12 pages today, whereas on a typical Monday, we're all in the same six-page boat.
Check out other sports fronts at a favorite site of ours dedicated to Sports Page design, the Washington Post cover is drawing praise also. As is with the Detroit Free Press cover attached, the Post is quite a bit more labor intensive than our front, something we would love to be able to do given the personnel. But, we do what we can.
This is an exciting time to be on the sports copy desk with the tournament winding down in MoTown. Hopefully we'll have a home team to write about when it all comes down to Ford Field.


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