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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oakland's exit

It was a nice run, but the Golden Grizzlies came up just short at the Summit League tournament in South Dakota last night (enlarge page image to see Oakland story in the right column). It really looked like they were going to get it done and make it back to the NCAA tournament.
It took expedient work from our staff writer Dave Pemberton, who drove out to South Dakota for the tournament, and our copy desk staff to ensure the game story showed up in the next day's paper. We also got a little lucky none of Oakland's three games went into overtime.
The first two games Oakland played barely made it into the first edition because of their 9:30 starts. But like every other live event, we made it work.
I can say one good thing about that fateful day when newspapers cease to exist in printed form, there are no deadline issues for online content. Sure you want it up as fast as possible, but you're not going to be affecting a whole chain of people if you don't post your story by midnight.


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