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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Controversy surrounding "Ferris Bueller's day off"

Growing up, "Ferris Bueller's day off" was one of my favorite films. In fact, the 1986 John Hughes classic is still up there. The film spins the legend of my one-time idol, played to perfection by Matthew Broderick, carousing around the big city (Chicago) while playing hookey from school.
At one point, Bueller and his accomplices, girlfriend Sloane and best friend Cameron, take in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, going as far as to catch a foul ball from his seat along the left-field line. A report came out this week claiming the crew actors WERE ACTUALLY AT a Cubs game in 1985 to shoot that scene. An SBNation (had to go to the source) story debunks that claim, citing the shadows in the scene and how they differ from the sunlight in the game action shown in the movie.

It's plenty bright in the shadowy left-field stands, as you'll see around the 2:25 mark.
It's naive to think movie and TV scenes are shot at actual games, but this one got my goat and sucked up much of my time earlier today. At least they actually figured out which game was actually referenced in the film.
I realized early on (I've been watching tons of TV since childhood) that these crossover scenes can be shot in real stadiums with actors playing the parts of players and other fans in the background. That's not to say legitimate athletes haven't played themselves in TV and movies while performing their craft, but that's usually not the case.
Either way, glad to see I was right all along about one of my all-time faves.


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