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Friday, March 11, 2011

OhowIhate .... Duke?

Much has been said about the "Fab Five" documentary set to debut Sunday. Recently, comments producer and Fab Five alum Jalen Rose make in the film about Duke and its recruiting efforts, saying the Blue Devils only recruit suburban kids and calling Duke players "Uncle Toms," have created a stir.
Former Duke player and assistant coach turned ESPN analyst, a colleague of Rose, Jay Bilas refuted those sentiments.

"The idea they weren’t recruited is incorrect. We didn’t recruit Jalen Rose. We recruited Chris Webber. We were very disappointed when he chose to go to Michigan.

“Stereotypes fit a great narrative, but they’re not true. Duke has had inner-city kids. Michigan has recruited suburban kids. It’s not all what it’s made out to be. Sometimes, perceptions aren’t always true," Bilas finished.

Bilas went further to diminish Rose's claims.

“You could make a whole list of guys (Duke recruited from inner-city),” he said. “In 1991, when everyone was trying to make the championship game into this sort of good vs. evil deal, I said, ‘If you switched jerseys’ of all the players … things would look a heck of a lot different. People wouldn’t be as enamored with Christian Laettner or Bobby Hurley. Greg Anthony back then … he had a T-shirt that ran afoul of some NCAA rule, some minor thing, and a big deal was made out of it. He joked if he was in a Duke uniform, he’d win young entrepreneur of the year. It fit a narrative that didn’t necessarily fit the players."

This was just one of the interesting things of which Bilas sounded off Thursday, including the dry talent pool in the college ranks as well as the NCAA prohibiting commercial success by its student-athletes.


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