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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Still can't wait for the Fab Five documentary

March 13. Just a week away. Then ESPN unearths archival footage laced with interviews conducted with all the central figures - except one Chris Webber. I have to say I'm disappointed in Webber's absence from the film, but it was expected and it won't stop the film from being a winner in my eyes.

Detroit Free Press writer Mark Snyder has talked with former Fiver Jalen Rose about his role as the film's producer at great length and Snyder had more preview material about the documentary this weekend.
At one point, Snyder breaks down the standout moments of the show. I'm interested to see postgame footage shedding light on Webber's reaction to the ill-fated timeout call in the 1993 national championship game.
"It may be the most sympathy Webber will ever publicly receive," Snyder said.
I maintain if the event hadn't gone down that way, Webber would've spurned the NBA's riches for one more year.
Of the production itself, Snyder says:
"As one who has intimately followed the twists and turns of the saga, I expected to be let down. But 'The Fab Five' is riveting, brutal in its honesty, realistic in its language and stunning in its archival footage. The coaches' home movies from the team's Europe trip in May 1992 are classic, part of the impressive video gathered for the telling."
I don't buy a ton of movies, but I'll probably be picking this one up.


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