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Thursday, June 02, 2011

This beats the coolest trading card you ever got as a kid, guaranteed

You didn't expect trading cards to stick to cardboard forever, did you? Panini, the basketball card manufacturer not the sandwich has created a new series of cards with a built-in video player with a 2 GB flash drive. That has to top all the special series holograms, game-worn jersey swatches and mail-in redemption cards.
The Panini HRX sounds impressive, but apparently it's not that wild to Blake Griffin. The guy dunks over small foreign cars after all.

Not only is this card autographed, it comes with a video of highlights that include the player signing the card.
The cards will be available for particular players such as Griffin, Washington's John Wall and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant. They are reportedly going to debut this month, costing $20 for a pack of five, but of course, not every pack is going to have an HRX, so most buyers will still get the same feeling buying cards 20 years ago. But there's always a chance, right?

What was the coolest card you ever pulled? To this day, my best is a Kobe Bryant jersey swatch, which, ironically, I got in a pack during the 2004 NBA Finals when the Pistons beat the Lakers.


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